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Cost effective SalesAd features the best sales advertisements, promotions, daily deals and rewards, all into one platform and come with lots of interactive activities.

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How To Advertise

How To Advertise

1. Choose a package

We have a range of solutions. Choose the one that's just right for your budget, target and coverage. [Show]

2. Provide sale info

Let us know whats your sale about, your sale period, terms & conditions, etc., and also images of your products on sale.

3. Select sale template

No idea how to craft out your Ad? Choose from our pool of eye-catching sale template designs, and have our designers create your very own SalesAd!

4. Approve & Submit

When you're satisfied with the final product, approve the job. Your Ad will then be uploaded to the SalesAd mobile app on your selected date. It's that simple.
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